Spiral slicer serves up sensational spaghetti

Ever ponder how these fancy-shmancy raw food cooks make their no-fat raw veg spaghetti? It's maybe not rocket-science, or is it toilsome.

It's this helpful tiny spiral slicer you will get for $29 from a company called Brieftons who desires you to become a customer. How's this for consumer service: I purchased the Brieftons spiralizer from amazon, subsequently three days later got a lot inside the email using a hand-written letter(!) from owner thanking me for my buying and showing me all about himself and how to use the Brieftons spiral slicer. Thomas's 33 and has been over a natural diet for 9 years. He's mcdougal of 'Raw Success,' 'Raw Spirit' and 'A Juice Feaster's Handbook.' He also integrated many types of products and different trendy material he holds in his web store.

In one day where Air Canada agents can't wait to inform you how much they dislike their career and how they desire to make their employer's consumers similarly unpleasant, it's relaxing being a spirulina enema to become supported with this particular sort of consumer kindness.

Thomas may help you make sense of all the raw foodstuff tips and instruments you'll need if you're thinking about bridging up to the raw side. Get a Brieftons spiral slicer and inform him I enjoy being addressed thus sweetly for my 29 dollars.


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