Welcome to LivingOrganDonor.org, the website dedicated to providing the most current information for people considering donating a solid living organ – a kidney, liver, or lung – sharing life. It is also for those who may be considering receiving or are waiting for a living organ transplant.

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Many people consider becoming donors when they hear about relatives and/or friends in desperate need of an organ transplant but have no idea what donation entails or where to go for information. And now, with the less invasive surgery for live donors and the new anti-rejection drug protocols that have been perfected in the last couple of years, most potential recipients do not know the most current details, either. Also, many in need of a transplant are afraid to approach family and friends about becoming potential donors because of this lack of information.

One of the latest developments in living organ donation is the creation of programs for altruistic, non-directed donation. These programs accept living donors who are not related to or friends of the organ recipient. These donors are people who understand the need for organs and want to help by donating to a someone on the waiting list.

Because kidneys are the most common living organ transplant performed today, the information detailed here will mostly focus on kidney transplants. There are links to other web sites containing information about living liver and/or lung donation. Please check out our FAQs page for many facts on organ donation and transplantation.