about us

On July 26th, 1999, I was able to give my left kidney to my husband. Within days, both of us had perfect kidney function and my husband had started to regain his life.

I then searched for a way to give back for this miracle that had been given to us. I wanted to encourage others to consider the possibility of living organ donation. I then remembered the trouble I’d had searching for living organ donor information on the web when I first considered donating, so I decided to make a site dedicated to providing the most current and easy to comprehend information to encourage living organ donation.

Now, with the support and medical expertise of Dr. William H. Marks and his remarkable staff at The Organ Transplant Program at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA, LivingOrganDonor.org is a reality. Recently my husband and I have established the Lang/Peck Fund for Living Donor Transplantation as part of the SMC Foundations to help provide needed services for the transplant patients and their families at the Organ Transplant Program at Swedish.

Thank you to all who have donated their time, effort, and hearts to this website and to sharing life.

Amy Peck